This 84 hectare property nestled in the Adelaide Hills has slowly and thoughtfully been transformed into the new production site of Mismatch Brewing and Adelaide Hills Distillery, coupled with the cellar door experience they present together with The Hills Cider Company, Ashton Valley Fresh and Vinteloper. This is all complemented with an onsite restaurant plus event and function facilities.

A collaborative destination featuring the juxtaposition of industrial vs agricultural is at every turn. From the design impact of the cellar door, developed by the team at Frame Creative, to the working fruit orchards of the adjacent R Ceravolo and Co property, this unique setting feels like an escape from city and suburban life, despite being a short 25 minute drive from South Australia’s major metropolis of Adelaide.

Whilst the surrounding environment and the impact of the structures will be what first absorbs your attention when entering the site, it may take time to appreciate the many layers of planning and research that underpin every element. Buildings have been placed to harness the natural elements of light and sun yet protect guest areas during cooler months, while 1700 square metres of solar panels further support our goal of achieving self-sufficiency.

A waste water treatment plant used to harness 2 onsite bores was one of the largest and most important investments during development and planning. There is no resource more valuable than water and this state of the art system allows us to achieve a closed loop with every drop – from bore, through the production process, to use on the crops and orchards before the process starts again.

Strict policies on reusables, dedicated programs for using spent grain from the brewery or leftover distillery botanicals and native gardens support this holistic approach to protecting the future of our site.

Outdoors at Lot 100.jpg

Visitors to the site are invited to enjoy a breadth of experiences that speak to this philosophy of better, all while celebrating sustainability and the local landscape. The LOT. 100 kitchen, with Adelaide icon Tom Bubner and Shannon Fleming at the helm, embraces a paddock to plate ethos, helping the team to share the stories of South Australian farming and agriculture through locally sourced ingredients. Whether enjoying a rustic Italian inspired meal from the wood fire oven or enjoying a picnic amongst the grounds, guests are encouraged to slow down and embrace the change of pace at the LOT. 100.

The concept of transparency and inclusion extends from plate to production, with visitors able to build their understanding and connection to our brands through gin blending sessions, distillery tours and behind the scenes brewery experiences. Guest chefs and star bartenders from across the globe will join the LOT. 100 team in celebrating our produce and inspiring our booze. Live music and festivals will feature prominently on the LOT. 100 yearly calendar with the unique setting and back drop destined to become a prominent events venue.

From spirits at the forefront of Australian craft spirit trends, beers leading the way in freshness and quality, renowned Pinot Noirs, and crisp fresh apple derived treats both fermented and non-fermented – the LOT. 100 community is sure to have an experience for all tastes.

The plans and models for the future are many and in a constant state of flux, as we work to better ourselves, our contribution and our connection with our Adelaide Hills home. We encourage you to take a peek inside our world through social media where you can stay in touch with our continued evolution and see where the concept of ‘better’ takes us.


Our story starts exactly the same as every other craft brewer’s or breweries story ... over a few beers in a backyard. Formed in 2013, Mismatch Brewing Co started out as a gypsy brewer, utilising the excess space in other breweries to facilitate its growth, all while supporting those breweries that had made the investment in their own equipment.

In 2017, Mismatch took its next big leap and built its own brewery, finding a home in the Adelaide Hills at LOT. 100 Hay Valley. Today, Mismatch is still committed to producing products that can be enjoyed by all drinkers with consistency and sustainability underpinning their core values.

With quality, balance and value at the core of the brand, the team at Mismatch want to create beers that not only satisfied the palates of craft beer drinkers but also attract new drinkers to this growing segment of the industry.

Adelaide Hills Distillery was launched in 2014 with the release of the now renowned, and highly awarded, 78 Degrees Gin. Our founder and distiller, Sacha La Forgia, had painstakingly and laboriously built a copper still from scratch, having recently returned to Australia from several wine vintages worked the world over. It was on these travels that Sacha met a distiller in Northern Italy, who recognised Sacha’s passion and aptitude in crafting high quality small batch beverages, and encouraged him to return to Australia and follow his dream.

With an unyielding commitment to quality from the outset, we built the still placing the basket above the column to allow botanicals to be vapour infused, as opposed to the more commonly used method of steeping. Carefully selected botanicals are drawn from the Australian landscape, with natives such as Sunrise Lime, Boobialla, Strawberry Gum and Lemon Myrtle adding depth and interest to our unique blends.

On Australia Day 2010, Steve Dorman and Tobias Kline launched The Hills Cider Company, with a goal of producing Australia’s best cider. Our passionate search for Australia’s highest quality fruit led us to our own backyard, the Adelaide Hills, and its generations of apple and pear growers. Our dedication to supporting Australian farmers means the success of our company has significant benefits for the local economy, its farmers, businesses and communities.

Our dedication to producing crisp, fresh, fruit driven ciders from 100% fresh apples and pears has been enthusiastically supported by a consumer market eager to support an independent, Australian owned company crafting a cider that helps celebrates our Aussie farmers.

As one of the few Australian producers with complete land to hand control over our product, we have the ability to continue pushing boundaries and raising the bar of real cider in Australia. More importantly we also have the passion.

Ashton Valley Fresh is an Australian family owned company leading the industry in premium quality Australian fruit juice. We are there for our juice every step of the way.

Based in the Adelaide Hills suburb of Ashton, South Australia, our mission is to provide our customers with quality juice of diverse variety and style. We provide these with the commitment to support our local growers and community through juicing exceptional Australian grown fruit.

We pride ourselves on making premium quality fruit juice with no added flavours, colours, sugars and concentrates. We also supply wholesale juice to order for other Australian companies allowing them to make their own unique products.


At Vinteloper, we love knowing that each day, somewhere in the world, we’ve been on the table or in a glass during the good time’s life has to offer.

We also love wine because of its challenges. Whether in the making or the drinking, we can always learn, appreciate and experience more. And when it comes to learning about wine, we believe it should be done the way we enjoy it, surrounded by friends, immersed in fun.

We sum it up simply. We are fun on the outside. Serious in the bottle. Named for the interloper, to step out, do things different, open new possibilities and bottle great wine, it’s this spirit, to bend a few rules, that is at the core of everything we do.